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Saving the Planet, One Installation at a Time

The work we do benefits our clients, the economy, and the environment. We’re proud of the impact we make.

Who We Are

SunCity Solar is a company in Las Vegas, Nevada that specializes in solar panel installation services, as well as providing solar batteries and electric vehicle chargers. In addition, we also offer financing to eliminate upfront installation costs and make the system affordable so you don’t get trapped in a lease. After all, our company was founded with the goal of saving you money while saving the planet.


Our Humble Beginnings

Our team has been servicing electrical needs for over 20 years. We have been specialized in solar electricity for almost 10 years serving the public. We seek out great individuals and have a dedicated team that specializes in every area on the business.

What We Aim to Do

Our mission is to service every home and business in the world with affordable energy solutions through renewable solar energy. We believe a green future is better for your pockets and the environment.

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