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Produce your own energy!

We make it easier for homeowners to switch to solar power by helping them navigate their options, financing the power system, and installing the panels. Everything you need!

Solar Power Solutions Customized to

Your Needs

Looking to make the switch to solar energy? SunCity Solar will work with you to design a solar power system that meets
your needs.

For years now, we’ve been providing solar panel installation services that help our clients save money on energy. We believe that there’s no better investment that a residential solar power system, and we also offer zero-down payment loans that eliminate upfront installation costs.

Contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss your needs and get a free assessment of your options. Start saving money today!

What You Can Expect

A Convenient and

Stress-Free Process

From handling the paperwork to installing solar panels, we’re all about making the transition
easy for you.

One-Day Installation

Our solar installers are highly trained and state-certified to guarantee that the installation process goes by without a hitch.

No Long-Term Leasing

We’ll show you how you can get your own solar array and permanently reduce your NV Energy bill. A federal tax credit can help cover the installation cost.

Federal Subsidy

The 26% federal tax credit has been extended. Make the switch now to get the highest available
federal rebates.



See our solar installers at work and contact us in Las Vegas, Nevada for more information on our services.

About Solar Panels

How It Works

Inside a solar panel is a conductive metal plate connected to wires leading to a fused array combiner. This device is used to collect energy through an inverter where the energy’s natural-direct electric current is changed to the alternating electric current required to power your home.

How It Reduces Carbon Emissions

Solar power reduces greenhouse gases by eliminating the use for fossil fuels in producing the same king of power. Fossil fuels are finite. As they continue to be depleted, the more expensive they will become.

How Much Value It Adds

A small 3.1 kW system adds an average value of $18,000 to a medium-sized home. Meanwhile, installing a 5 kW system adds an average of $30,000 to the retail value of a medium-sized home.

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